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Geodynamics Research and Visualization Group at the University at Buffalo, SUNY

Margarete A. Jadamec, Associate Professor
Department of Geology
Institute for Computational and Data Sciences

Quantifying plate boundary dynamics, and the dynamics of subduction zones in particular, is critical to understanding plate tectonics and to providing an accurate tectonic framework for the forces governing the world’s greatest earthquakes, the distribution of arc volcanism, and large-scale mountain building. However, accurately characterizing the dynamics of subducted oceanic lithosphere, as well as how the subducted plates perturb the surrounding mantle into which they descend, remains a challenge due to the inaccessibility of the Earth’s interior. As the plates descend into the interior of the Earth, the spherical nature of the system and material properties of the plates result in complex geometries and intersecting plate segments. Moreover, the material deformation in the upper mantle is predominantly governed by a non-linear dependence on the strain-rate, resulting in non-linear flow dynamics, which together with the complex geometries, require sophisticated tools and model design to accurately quantify the system dynamics. In the Geodynamics Research and Visualization Group here at UB, we are designing and developing state-of-the art, data-driven, models of natural subduction systems on Earth. I am looking for new graduate students and postdocs! Email me to learn more about research opportunities.
campbell creek, Alaska