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Geodynamics Research and Visualization Lab at the University at Buffalo, SUNY

Margarete A. Jadamec
Associate Professor
Department of Geology
Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

In the Geodynamics Research and Visualization Group here at UB, we are designing and developing state-of-the art, data-driven, models of natural subduction systems on Earth. This includes modeling mantle and lithosphere dynamics and moving from a two-dimensional toward a three-dimensional subduction paradigm.

Examining the systems in three-dimensions reveals the importance of less understood mechanisms such as slab-edge driven mantle flow, multi-plate dynamic feedbacks, and dynamically evolving plate-asthenosphere decoupling. Through leveraging modern technologies, such as high performance computing, 3D virtual reality, and data-driven modeling, the Geodynamics Research and Visualization Group at UB is an excellent place to pursue convergent research in plate tectonics and geodynamics.

With my joint appointment in the Department of Geology and the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences, PhD opportunities include degrees in the Geology Department and in the Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering PhD Program. My group also works closely with the Research Engineering Laboratory for Advanced Computational Science at UB to leverage numerical algorithms to advance computational geodynamics modeling.

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Figure 5 (Jadamec, 2018)